The value of advice: much more than the bottom line 

January 30, 2024
The true value of financial advice clearly goes well beyond simply maximising the monetary value of a client’s portfolio. As we progress through life’s journey, the major events that confront us all certainly come with financial costs. However, they also generate an array of emotions [...]
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Residential Property Review – January 2024

January 26, 2024
Falling mortgage rates bolster housing market  Hope seems to be on the horizon for the housing market as the year gets off to a promising start. The decision from many mortgage lenders to reduce rates seems to have had the desired effect, as buyer interest [...]
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Thomson Tyndall Investment Thoughts Q1 2024

January 16, 2024
Sometimes stock markets appear to change direction because they have simply run out of either optimism or pessimism. There are of course good underlying reasons why stock markets rise and fall, but they also present an interesting history of the patterns of collective human behavior… [...]
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Get the right protection in 2024

January 15, 2024
A new year is an ideal time to reassess your finances, especially if you’ve recently experienced some life changes. Make sure that a review of your protection insurance is near the top of your to do list in 2024. Get protected The right protection for [...]
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Planning for a secure financial future

January 5, 2024
Over the past 12 months, the cost-of-living crisis has put significant pressure on household budgets and knocked many people’s confidence in their future financial prospects. Research, however, shows that planning is a key driver of positivity about our financial futures; so, as a new year [...]
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Residential Property Review – December 2023 

January 2, 2024
Sellers knock £18,000 off asking prices Sellers accepted an average discount of £18,000 on their property sale in November 2023 – the highest average price cut in five years. This is according to property portal Zoopla, which stated that high mortgage rates are continuing to [...]
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Gender division extends to money matters

December 29, 2023
Despite women’s earning power increasing significantly over recent decades, the division of financial responsibilities does not appear to have evolved. A survey1 of 4,000 UK adults earlier this year found that women still typically have greater oversight of domestically focused financial matters, such as household [...]
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‘Spot the dog’ fund

December 21, 2023
According to the latest data1, the number of ‘dog’ funds have increased by 27% since February this year, that represents 56 equity investment funds versus 44 earlier in the year, but a reduction on the 86 dog funds identified in January 2022. A ‘dog’ fund [...]
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Economic Review – November 2023

December 14, 2023
OBR cuts economic growth forecast Revised forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) suggest the UK economy is set to grow more slowly over the next two years than previously predicted. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt unveiled the independent fiscal watchdog’s latest projections during his Autumn [...]
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Autumn Statement 2023

December 5, 2023
On 22 November, Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt unveiled the government’s latest tax and spending plans saying “we back British business” announcing 110 growth measures which he said would boost business investment by £20bn a year. The Chancellor said the government had taken difficult [...]
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