Get planning children’s financial futures

May 21, 2024
We all want a good start in life for the children in our family. After providing for the immediate needs of younger children, thoughts turn towards the future and consideration of longer-term goals. You may want to consider investing for your child’s future to potentially [...]
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Powering up your pension this year

February 14, 2024
Paying a lump sum into a pension can be a particularly effective way to save for your future. If you have accumulated extra money from a windfall, work bonus or through saving, now could be the ideal time to power up your pension with a [...]
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The value of advice: much more than the bottom line 

January 30, 2024
The true value of financial advice clearly goes well beyond simply maximising the monetary value of a client’s portfolio. As we progress through life’s journey, the major events that confront us all certainly come with financial costs. However, they also generate an array of emotions [...]
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‘Spot the dog’ fund

December 21, 2023
According to the latest data1, the number of ‘dog’ funds have increased by 27% since February this year, that represents 56 equity investment funds versus 44 earlier in the year, but a reduction on the 86 dog funds identified in January 2022. A ‘dog’ fund [...]
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Investor implications – Dividend Allowance cuts

October 19, 2023
With the UK in the midst of a sharp tax-raising drive, understanding the full impact of fiscal changes on investments has arguably never been so critical. One area that has been subject to particularly draconian reductions is Dividend Allowance, with changes in this area likely [...]
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IHT reporting – all change

June 21, 2022
Keeping up to date with tax changes can be challenging and you may have missed this one in relation to the reporting of Inheritance Tax (IHT), especially as it’s not something most of us will deal with very often. ‘Excepted estate’ The changes came in [...]
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In your 40s? Is your pension age changing?

June 8, 2022
More than four in five people in their 40s are unaware that the age at which they can access their pension might be about to change, according to research from the Pensions Management Institute (PMI)1. The normal minimum pension age (NMPA) is set to move [...]
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Pensioners sitting on cash ISAs

June 8, 2022
An alarming set of data has come to light. Over three million pensioners are holding all of their ISA savings in cash!1 The analysis highlighted that during the most recent year for which figures were available (2018/19), there were 5.8 million over-65s holding ISAs, valued [...]
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Making savings for your children work

March 10, 2022
Many parents are keen to give their children a flying start financially by putting aside money throughout their childhood. Mums have been shown to be more likely to take the lead in this area, with most savings being held in cash products, such as cash [...]
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Taking emotion (and colour!) away from investment decisions

August 18, 2021
It is fascinating to consider the psychology of investing. There are many behavioural traps that investors could find themselves falling into during times of market volatility, when knee jerk reactions can take hold. One example being ‘the anchoring trap’, which is where investors rely too [...]
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