Course programme

The content of each course varies according to the programme selected and the needs of each individual firm. As an example, the following subjects would normally be covered as core elements of our standard two-day pre-retirement course. Please ask if you would like to see details of the content of our other courses.


    Registration and Welcome
    Introduction: Course programme, familiarisation with the course manual, resources etc.
    Retirement in perspective: An introduction to the concept of retirement, how it is changing and how individuals feel about this life change
    Occupational pension and benefits: An explanation of the pension scheme rules/options and any other potential retirement benefits to which attendees may be entitled
    State pension: The various state pensions, entitlement criteria, claiming etc.


    Choosing a financial adviser: Advice on how to identify, select and work with a good financial adviser or alternatively how to ‘do it yourself’ should you prefer
    Money management: Taxation, wills, estate planning, AVCs, personal pensions, pension commutation, insurance, investment strategies, and risk management
    Life after work (home life): A look at the potential impact of retirement on relationships, dependants etc., and how to manage the transition
    Life after work (creating a new life): Paid and voluntary work opportunities, building a portfolio of interests, creative use of leisure time etc.

The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate tax advice, estate planning, wills or trusts.