About Us

Offering independent advice, as opposed to being tied, is about much more than just the range of products available to us and our clients. It is the difference between being product sales representatives and trusted advisers helping our clients navigate the wider financial marketplace. Independence is not just about product range, it is about not being salespeople.

Impartial, independent advice

Our clients tell us that truly independent advice is important to them, a view we have always shared. Our impartiality forms the basis of trust upon which long-term relationships are built.

We are a private firm, majority-owned and managed by our staff. This stability of ownership enables us to take the long view necessary when advising our clients and their families.

We provide our services on a fee basis meaning we are paid by our clients and do not receive commission from providers for selling their products.

In short, we put our clients’ best interests at the centre of everything we do.

Too often, financial advice has been given to clients on a one-off basis in the belief that once a plan is set up, an adviser’s work is done. However, we believe financial advice works best as part of an ongoing relationship. This view is supported by the recent ILC Value of Advice report, which found that those who engage or have a working relationship with a financial adviser can benefit from up to 50 per cent higher average pension wealth than those who only take one-off advice at the start.

Mike Baggaley, Chartered Financial Planner









Professionalism and excellence

Our clients typically want to preserve or grow their wealth and/or generate a sustainable income; however, each client has their own circumstances and preferences set against the backdrop of a complex market and environment.

Finding the best outcome for each client requires advisers with the knowledge and experience to adapt to their individual circumstances.

Our team’s significant experience and commitment to excellence in managing wealth means that we can expertly recognise issues and opportunities and solve challenging problems.

Our experience is underpinned by rigorous professional training. All our advisers hold the requisite financial planning qualifications from the Chartered Insurance Institute and are members of the Personal Finance Society. A number of our advisers hold additional qualifications including the Investment Management Certificate accredited by the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute or are qualified affiliates of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.


In-depth research and analysis

We invest in the latest investment research and analytical tools not generally available to the public so we can analyse the whole market with the latest information and data at our fingertips.

With an office located in the heart of London, we have built an extensive network of key fund managers and experts in the City and West End. This helps us to remain one step ahead when identifying the best products and providers in the market.

In today’s world of fast-moving global markets, it is increasingly important to be plugged in to the latest financial technology as well as being able to draw on the views of insightful and informed industry experts.

Sajit Patel, Director


Committed to the long term, advising across generations 

Regularly adapting financial plans as legislation and individual circumstances change is vital and our advisers are committed to providing longstanding support. Advice is often most effective when it encompasses the longer-term needs of the whole family. In some cases, our advisers have been looking after the same families over four generations. Looking ahead, our aim as a firm is to be around for generations to come, so our clients can be confident that we will be there to support them at every stage of their journey.

Clear communication, straightforward advice 

As we live in a complicated world of economic volatility, technological transformation and environmental and social change, making financial decisions can be confusing and fraught with potential pitfalls.

Thomson Tyndall’s advisers invest time to ensure advice is articulated clearly. Our clients welcome our ability to make sense of the market and provide unambiguous and straightforward financial advice.


Valued by our clients 

We believe the best measure of success is whether a client who has worked with us trusts us to advise their closest friends and family. We are extremely proud that over 80 per cent of our new client relationships come through referral from existing clients.

As referral is key to Thomson Tyndall’s success, clients can be assured that we will do our utmost to provide an excellent service.

There are so many choices when seeking financial advice that it is often difficult to cut through the noise and identify financial advisers that truly provide the best service for clients.

Will Greenslade, Associate