We identify our clients’ attitude to risk and capacity for loss to help us to devise an appropriate asset allocation to match.


We filter all the various investment funds available to create a broad SRI Universe. There are currently around 300 funds, investment trusts and ETFs to choose from.

Our research into each fund allows us to understand which SRI style the fund manager uses. Following this, we filter the list to identify the funds that we prefer, which have shown excellent risk-adjusted returns, to provide a list of best in class. We continually monitor these funds to ensure that the fund manager performs as expected.

A portfolio will then be built that considers our clients’ SRI style whilst also matching   attitude to risk with appropriate asset allocation.


After the initial selection and investment, we continue to review the portfolio and suggest a review meeting, at least once a year, to review our clients’ circumstances and the performance of the portfolio. Clients receive two valuations a year and we are, of course,available by phone or email for any further questions or requests.  In addition, should there be any reason for us to change our view of a particular fund, we contact clients to explain why and what action we think may be needed.

Our Costs

The SRI Portfolio Service is complemented by Financial Planning and comes at no extra cost to our clients. We view Financial Planning and Investment Management as a symbiotic relationship, as one cannot provide a full service to our clients without the other.

We offer two options to suit our client’s circumstances:

  • Hourly fee rate
  • Portfolio based fee

Both options are discussed in more detail in the first meeting to discuss the merits and drawbacks of each.