Our Values

We aim to build a business that effectively combines financial planning and investment management to provide the best outcomes for our clients.


To be accountable: We believe in everyone taking responsibility for their actions, for acting with conviction and honesty.

To build trust: We believe in putting our clients’ best interest first. By building on a foundation of integrity, we hope to engender trust from our clients and amongst each other. Without trust our business may function but it will not thrive.

To harness our experience: We believe that by sharing our collective experience and by encouraging learning and development we will better serve our clients. We may be young in name but we are older of heart.

To take the long view: We believe by eschewing short term gains and gratification we better reflect the needs and objectives of our people and our clients alike. The advice we give our clients is built to last across the generations and so is the business.

To embrace tradition: We believe that many traditional qualities such as manners, respect, courtesy and consideration for others are too easily compromised in today’s fast-moving world. We embrace these qualities.